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Heavy industrial

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We have acquired extensive experience in process piping. Our primary aim is to give you superior service at the lowest possible cost while ensuring a safe work environment, no matter your business’ size or production rate.

We work on piping of all diameters and in a range of materials like carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, Inconel, PVC and CPVC. We also offer hot tapping.

In addition, we install and repair piping for various components. Our employees are qualified to work on pipes containing water, compressed air, steam, gas, diesel, caustic, natural gas, biogas, resin, phenol, acid and several other substances. Our qualified and experienced welders can perform high-pressure welding.

We also manufacture standard and seismic supports, and conduct hydrostatic and X-ray tests, among others. Our staff will carry out your work, for both fixed-price and time/material projects.

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We have extensive experience in industrial mechanics for light industries. We know that your production rate is important, which is why we make every effort to solve your problems as quickly as possible.

Our industrial mechanics and boilermakers are very experienced and multi-skilled. And, we have the expertise and equipment to service, modify, handle or install equipment of any type and weight.

We also install production lines, all types of conveyors, pumps, mixers and other equipment. Our staff will carry out your work, for both fixed-price and time/material projects.

Whether it’s “heavy duty mechanics” or making a precision adjustment within thousands of an inch, our qualified staff can take care of your project. Our services range from design to installation to manufacturing customized parts. Precision alignment, conveyor systems, process equipment, equipment handling and plant relocation are some of our specialities.

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Plant shutdown

We know that a plant shutdown or relocation is costly. We also know that there are timing considerations in heavy industry and make every effort to take them into account.

We have the expertise and employees to plan, supervise and carry out your mechanical and piping work during a plant shutdown. We know that rapid equipment and material supply is a priority during a plant shutdown in order to meet timelines, and have the required staff to ensure a very quick response.

That is why CCR Mécanique Inc. is a vital partner, helping you plan your plant shutdowns or move. Our team of highly experienced foremen and superintendents will plan, prepare and carry out your plant shutdowns or move in accordance with the most stringent quality and safety standards.

While your plant is shutdown, our qualified and efficient staff will perform piping, mechanical, structural and boiler work, etc. Call the professionals to save time and money!

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Arrêt d'usine

We make, manufacture, install and repair all manner of structures. Whatever the structure you need for your heavy industry facility, CCR Mécanique Inc. has the resources to make it a reality.

Our staff is highly qualified for all your steelwork, such as platforms, stairways, ladders, catwalks, structural reinforcement, equipment supports and piping.

Our trained employees can install structures requiring increased vigilance or specific precautions. Rest assured that we will make every effort to protect nearby equipment and keep the environment intact.

We analyze the potential risks of all projects involving structures and implement safe work procedures. We can also make your structure in whole or in part depending on the scope of the request, in order to reduce production costs and expedite your project.

Rock solid structures!

Shop fabrication

We can manufacture customized piping, modules and supports at our shop in order to expedite your project and reduce production costs.

Our shop is equipped with all the equipment needed to make your equipment, which considerably reduces transportation and manufacturing time once our team is at your plant. And, when the work is done at our shop, your employees’ work area is not affected.

Our team is trained to perform site surveys at your plant and prepare isometric drawings. We conduct hydrostatic and pneumatic tests, in addition to providing estimates, painting and delivering equipment.

Shop fabrication is the ideal solution for alleviating in-plant space needs and saving time!

Tools tailored to your reality!

Fabrication en atelier